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Your most frequently asked worktop questions...


Can I visit your workshop?
Yes, we have a large workshop where you can view our slabs of materials and production near Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent.

What are your office hours?
Our Kent warehouse is open between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Why is your pricing so competitive?
We stock all of our own slabs so we can control the costs of our materials. We also produce all the work ourselves so we do not need to sub any work out to other companies.

Which credit and debit cards do you accept?
We only accept money transfers, cash and cheques.

Are you materials ethically sourced?
Yes, we adhere to strict international welfare regulations.

Do you care about the environment?
Yes, please see our ‘Green Section’. We care about the effects of our company on the environment and take a number of steps to reduce our impact.

Do you use ‘cut to size’ blanks and fabricate on site?
No, these cause to many problems in production due to irregularities in quality. All our worktops are bespoke and require us to use first grade materials and state of the art machinery, and skilled craftsmen.

Do you supply kitchen sinks, taps and waste units?
Yes, we have a huge range available from the manufacturer ‘Franke’, please ask for prices and model details.

Can we buy tiles to match the worktops?
Yes all the materials we supply have tiles in many different sizes. These can be viewed on our website or in our showroom.


How can I get a quote?
You can call and speak to one of our expert advisors who will guide you through the pricing and also advise you on your choice of material, you can also send us a drawing of your kitchen plan by fax or post and we can send you a quote.

How do I place an order?
Simply give us a phone call and we'll come to measure up your kitchen. Or send your order by fax and we will respond immediately and contact you right back.

What if I want to cancel my order?
No problem, you will receive a full refund minus any works that have already been carried out. If no works have started you will receive all your money back.

Will there be any additional hidden costs?
We will charge exactly the price we calculated prior to the order. If there are any additional charges you will be informed these at the time of templating.

Where can I get hold of samples?
Please call for your free samples and we will send them to you by first class post in boxes to avoid any damages.

Can I see the Granite before fitting?
Yes, if you wish to view large slabs before installation then you can come to warehouse near Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent - please contact the office to arrange this.


How long till I get my worktop?
We will normally template the next day, and delivery is within one week.

Can I collect the worktop myself?
You may collect from our factory but normally you would need special ‘A’ frames to support the material and a large vehicle. It is best to leave it to the professionals.

Can I specify an installation date?
Yes, all you need to do is tell us the date and time of day and we will work our delivery and installation around you.

Do I need to help you with the delivery?
No, all we ask is that the workspace and entrance to the property is clear of obstructions.


My worktop is a slightly different colour or shade to the sample I ordered. Why?
There may be some variation between samples we send out and materials we have in stock, but you are always welcome to come to our warehouse and select the exact material you wish your worktop to be made from.

Do you offer a templating service?
Yes, templating and fitting is all part of our service.

Do you install worktops anywhere in the UK?
Yes, we have a full installation service, but costs vary the further away you are from London. We generally work within a 50-mile radius of London.

How should I prepare for your arrival?
Tea with milk! Seriously though, your cabinets should be level to within 3mm and supports must be provided in corners and over any gaps.

Should my wall units be fitted before you come?
It is preferable not to fit the wall units first; although sometimes for example where you are replacing existing worktops this is not possible. Dressers or boiler cabinets that come down to the worktops must not be fitted.

Will I need to be there when you install my worktops?
Yes, to approve your granite and pay us on our satisfactory completion.

Where will you put the joints?
We will endeavour to position them as unobtrusively as possible.

How do I check my worktop for damage?

A thorough visual check is essential to check for scratches or markings, but also, run your fingers slowly along the long, post-formed front edge. This can reveal impact damage that is not readily apparent simply by looking.

If a worktop arrives damaged, what do I do?
Report it to one of our stonemasons or telephone us on 0800 0939 724 to report the damage we will arrange to rectify the problem immediately.

Will you plumb in my sink / fit my cooker?
No, your plumber/electrician/gas installer will need to do this. However we will fit your sink in place either before the worktop is fitted or during manufacture of the worktop.

The Product...

What is the difference between an upstand and a splash back?
A splash back is normally behind a sink area or cooker, an upstand is a small skirting around the edge of the worktop.

Can I just replace my existing worktops?
Yes, but you will need to remove the existing worktops before we arrive and arrange for disconnection and reconnection of services. Please also note that the existing worktops may be thicker than the granite that is 30mm ±2mm.

How do I best care for my worktops?
Regular cleaning with gentle stone cleaners is recommended.

Is marble suitable for kitchen worktops?
Yes, some marble’s can be used in kitchens. However, marble can be very easily scratched and stained and will require a little extra maintenance.

How heavy is the worktop?
Worktops are very heavy, the larger the piece the more it weighs, a minimum of 2 to 3 people are required to pick up the worktops.

Are the worktops sealed?
We seal all the works that we produce before it leaves us, but if we are not fitting it is advisable to buy some more sealer and protect it yourself after installation.

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