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Split face Black slate
Split faced Black Slate, wall tile only, not suitable for wet area.
price from £ 40.00
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Nova Green Grey Slate

Beautiful green grey slate with a light riven finish and a straight cut edge.

price from £ 24.00
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Brazilian Green Grey Slate Calibrated
Beautiful green grey slate with a light riven finish and a straight cut edge.
price from £ 31.00
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Nova Green Grey Slate Strips
Grey green slate cut into thin strips to give a very modern looking tile.
price from £ 41.00
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Brazilian Black Slate Calibrated
Beautiful black slate, cut with a light riven finish and a straight cut edge.
price from £ 29.00
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Nova Black Slate Strips
These thin strips of black slate give a modern feel to any room.
price from £ 36.00
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Black Slate Honed
The dark tones of natural black are highlighted with this honed finish.
price from £ 31.00
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Before tiling please browse through our natural stone wall and floor tiling guide, through our experience you will find information and advice to help you install and maintain your natural stone tiles.
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Slate flooring

Carpets are very popular and a wooden floor is an attractive feature in many properties but for a hardwearing surface that looks great, it is hard to beat natural stone. There are several different types to choose from, such as marble and granite, and which one is best for your home will depend on your personal preferences to a large degree. Once they have been installed they will last for many years before they need any attention so make decorating an easier task too. It is true that a natural stone surface will cost more than cheap carpets but because of its long lasting nature the stone surface can work out to be more economical in the long run. They are also much easier to clean than other surfaces and if properly sealed are stain resistant too. If you are looking for the least expensive way to enjoy a durable flooring in your home then having a look at Steven slate tiles, which can also be used for countertops, is worthwhile. This type of stone is formed from shale compressed at high temperatures over a period of time. Its resistance to moisture makes it a good choice in the home.

Caring for your floor

The amount of maintenance that is required in order to keep your stone surface in good condition is minimal. Regular sweeping and going over it with a damp mop is all that is needed in most cases. Some types of stone are naturally resistant to staining whereas others may need sealing but you can be sure that our staff will give you all the help and advice you need as well as recommending only products that are completely suitable for your needs. Unlike with certain fabrics there are no allergy issues when installing a stone floor and they help to make your home an inhospitable environment for bacteria. Any minor damage can usually be repaired by competent home improvement enthusiasts but it is rare for any repairs to be necessary owing to the durable quality of the surface. Whether you choose to lay it yourself or hire a professional will be down to how good you are around the home and the time you have available to give to such a project. One thing is for sure and that is the magic slate can bring to your home whether it is Welsh or sourced from a country situated further away.

Inside and out

Because of its hardwearing nature, this type of stone is great for areas with a lot of foot traffic both in the home and on commercial premises. Some tiles are suitable for use in gardens but care should be taken in wet weather as they can become rather slippery. Whatever type of project you have in mind our experienced team will be more than happy to help you with information and advice and our bespoke service means that our skilled stonemasons can cut pieces to your individual specifications so they will fit into the space you are working with. If you are not sure which material is most suitable for your requirements then we can also advise you on this matter. When creating an area that is visually appealing it is necessary to take many things into consideration. Only you will be aware of the overall effect as it is your home that we are talking about, but there is a lot of useful information to be found online regarding slate slabs for paving projects and natural stone for flooring inside your home. Top designers often share tips on how they coordinate different colours and materials for the perfect finish.

Choosing tiles

It can be hard to see the texture and colour of our products on the internet even though we have done our very best to capture accurate representations of the stone that we sell with each photograph on our site. Because of this we are pleased to be able to send samples to prospective customers, free of charge. Alternatively, we welcome visitors to our central London showroom where a huge selection of our stock can be viewed. If it is not possible for you to visit our showroom then we would definitely recommend asking for a free sample before making any final decisions about the type of stone to install in your home. Various stones come in different colours and it is also natural for there to be slight variations in the colouring of stone of one type, even when obtained from a single quarry. This is part of the charm of such materials and even when ordering something like black slate tiles you should be aware that there are a number of different shades, some with a hint of green or other colour in them. These subtle differences will be easier to spot if you order a free sample.

All sorts of surfaces

Uses for natural stone in the home are not just limited to floors of course and many people are keen on using tiles on walls around the house too. There are also certain pieces of furniture that can be made partly or completely of stone, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Worktops made of a beautifully coloured stone make a very attractive feature in the kitchen and are naturally hygienic as well. Basins can be fashioned from various materials as well and really make a difference to the ambience of a bathroom when made from natural stone. Our in-house team is happy to take on projects for bespoke items and if you wish to find out more about this service then please call us or send us an email. There are so many applications for stone surfaces around the home that it is surprising that many people only look at slate flooring or other types of stone floor and do not consider what else they could possibly do with this unique material. For people that already have plans drawn up for their dream kitchen we can provide a competitive quote if you fax or post us your plans and specifications.

How to get your stone

It would have been a relatively simple matter to add online ordering functionality to our website but after careful consideration we decided that this was not the way to go. Natural stone products are not the same as mass-produced items and we believe that it is our duty to our customers to make sure that we understand their needs completely, to avoid selling them something that turns out to be unsuitable. When you wish to place an order this can be done by contacting us by telephone. If necessary we can send a team round to your property to take any measurements that may be needed in order to give you a quote. If you are happy that you already have accurate measurements to hand then you can fax us your plans and we can take it from there. With Steven slate tiles and all our other materials for countertops and floors you can be sure that you are getting the best possible deal without any compromise on quality or service. Our buyers spend a lot of time visiting quarries around the world to ensure that we have a constant supply of high quality stone ready to deliver to you.

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