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Moleanos White Limestone
A Warm Limestone with little variation.
Sale price from £ 49.00
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Moleanos Blue Honed

This limestone  is a very hard stone that can be used internally or externally,Available as well in 20mm and 30mm for cut to size, Bath surround Vanity top etc.

Sale price from £ 61.00
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Moleanos Beige

Moleanos beige Honed

Also available in 30mm and 20mm for custom cut to size 

price from £ 61.00
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Moca Creme
A beautiful cream coloured material with faint markings running along the grain.
price from £ 58.00
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Pietra Serena

A beautiful grey Tuscan sandstone as used by Michelangelo in the Medici Chapel Rome.

Sale price from £ 84.00
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Floresta Stone

Buff color Sandstone similar as Portland Stone suitable for indoors and outdoors

available in various thickness Treads risers and floor slabs 

Also  for columns and balustrades

price from £ 75.00
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Urban Grey

A grey coloured Spanish limestone with small white shells and some flecking, very durable and has fine texture.

price from £ 82.00
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Bateig Azul

A classic pale grey blue material, with the appearance of slight texture.

price from £ 55.00
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Hannover Honed Limestone

This is a very popular material,this is a classic cream limestone with some fossils and shells, which are characteristics of this stone.

Sale price from £ 60.00
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Bateig Beige

A classic pale beige stone, with the appearance of slight texture.

price from £ 52.00
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Caliza Capri

A cream coloured limestone with small shell markings and minor intrusions.

price from £ 72.00
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Belgian Blue Honed
Belgian Blue offers a palette of grey and blue nuances, it can be used endlessly inside and out.
price from £ 110.00
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Vidraco Beige
Beige background with some fossils and light brown markings.
Sale price from £ 39.00
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Portland Stone

Portland Stone Basebed, a classic white english limestone.

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Portland Withbed

Portland Stone Withbed, a classic white english limestone.

price from £ 140.00
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Kilkenny Limestone Blue Honed

Irish Blue Limestone Honed

Various shades and finish combinations available also various thickness ideal for Treads and risers (up to 50mm thick)

Honed/Flamed/Ground/Polished/Bush-hammered also available different rates apply

price from £ 108.00
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Pietra Laro Beige random

Beige limestone Honed suitable for wall and floors.

price from £ 75.00
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A beautiful Classic French limestone with a honed surface.
price from £ 120.00
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Ataja Azul
An unmistakable blue coloured limestone.
price from £ 55.00
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Gris Fousanna
A hard brown limestone, with subtle brown colour changes.
price from £ 142.00
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Seashell Tumbled
A tumbled limestone with golden, sandy hues.
price from £ 51.00
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Tiling tips & advice

Before tiling please browse through our natural stone wall and floor tiling guide, through our experience you will find information and advice to help you install and maintain your natural stone tiles.
Something bespoke

Bespoke stone cut to your own requirements and produced exclusively for your project. Learn more about how our stonemasons can cut beautiful slabs of stone and produce kitchen worktops.
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Let us help you complete your project; our fully trained staff can offer help and guidance through all aspects of your works. Call us now for more information and advice.

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"Thanks for taking such good care in choosing the right materials. And, thanks again for all your guidance and help; so much appreciated."

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Surpassing Expectations

If you are in need of some natural stone commercial work then we have teams of skilled craftspeople who manufacture all of our commercial elements. Offering the best service is always our main priority, and to this end our professional stonemasons will ensure our clients experience a level of service they will never forget. We have the know-how and experience to source semi precious materials for flooring, so whether you are looking for black, blue, or natural limestone flooring we are confident that we can match your expectations. We would encourage visitors to this website to make the effort to visit our showroom in central London, as from here you will be able to see for yourself that we only stock the most beautiful stones available. Our careful selection process and meticulous attention to detail ensures that we achieve a consistently high level, and if this means only selecting a stone from a particular seam in a single quarry then we will have no trouble making this decision. If you have a particular project in mind that requires paving limestone slabs you will find an extensive range of quality products unlike anything else that is currently available.

Make the Right Choice

At the heart of any home lies the kitchen, and in this most important of rooms the most visible element is the worktop. As a consequence recent trends have put an increasing amount of attention on achieving the right look for a home. It is generally accepted that top quality kitchen worktops add value to a property as well as looking great. Conversely, a poorly fabricated worktop can result in expensive repair jobs or even replacements, which in turn can mean time delays in you being able to use your kitchen. If you have highlighted limestone tiles or blocks for your kitchen countertops then you can rest assured that our team of expert fitters will install your selection to exacting standards of excellence. There are over 200 luxury materials for you to choose from, which we have sorted into different ranges by material type, so that you can easily find the right material to ensure your kitchen is perfectly finished. Granite is a material that is well known for its strength and durability, whilst marble offers a striking beauty at the expense of being less durable and requiring more maintenance, so there is a lot to consider.

Create a Stunning Impression

One of our greatest advantages over our competitors is the fact that we can produce bespoke pieces and vanity tops that match the tiles we have for sale. There is no doubt that by making a simple change in a room, such as adding a stone worktop to a window sill or adding a stone shelf, its entire appearance can be transformed. Floor tiles that match steps and stairs enable a seamless look to be achieved and this is true of either traditional or contemporary homes. The fact that we have close links with all of our suppliers means that if you need French limestone floors for a project, by purchasing them from us you are guaranteeing that the perfect pieces of stone will be used when it comes to the installation stage. In addition to sourcing only the highest quality materials we also ensure that they are ethically sourced, and we adhere to the strictest of international welfare regulations. We can also boast one of the largest slab material stocks in the country, and as a result of us buying material in bulk, any savings that we make our passed on directly to the consumer.

No Compromise on Quality

Our business works mainly through personal recommendations, so if you are pleased with the work that we do for you please take the time to let both your friends and us know about it. A simple thank you is not only nice to have, but it informs us that we are doing a good job. Equally, if there is something that has disappointed you or you are simply unhappy with an aspect of our service or one of our products please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our staff. As one of the leading suppliers of limestone floor tile and slabs in the country it is vital that we maintain our status and healthy criticism is the best way for us to improve our services. We specialise in the manufacturing of both quartz and natural stone vanity tops and kitchen worktops, and our aim in this regard is to ensure that people can enjoy a quality product at an affordable price. Anyone that is also considering limestone fire surrounds can rest assured that we will not compromise on quality and that we will endeavour to make it as competitively priced as possible.

A Variety of Applications

It is important for anyone considering purchasing natural stone that they understand what it is they are buying. Natural stone is a combination of being unique, beautiful and practical, and if chosen correctly you can transform ordinary spaces in your home into something extraordinary. We are of course able to assist you in making the right choice of tiles, no two of which will be exactly the same. One of our top priorities is helping customers make the right choice when the time comes to choose a particular stone for a project, and if you have narrowed down your search to black, blue, and natural limestone flooring or tiles made from slate, please take the time to read the information we have supplied about the different stones we have for sale. In terms of the latter, slate tiles come in a variety of colours and finishes, which can go a long way to enhancing the beauty of a floor space. Slate’s permanence also make it a cost effective solution, and a floor made from slate will be durable and slip resistant, plus easy to maintain. A combination of beauty and hardness makes it ideal for homes and commercial applications alike.

Dedicated to Superior Service

We have included a section on the site that is dedicated to providing tips and guidance about tiling. The aim of this section is to help visitors to the site to get a better understanding of the different procedures that are involved when using natural stone to tile with. The guide will give you the opportunity to discover the correct way to seal and grout stone tiles, plus will give you an insight into how to properly lay out a room and cut tiles in the right manner. If you are at the stage of deciding what stone blocks to use for countertops, or simply want to check out some limestone tiles before making a purchase, then make the most of our free samples services. Samples are 10cm x 10cm and are delivered in a cardboard box with information about our company in regards to the different services we provide. If you would like full tile samples we can of course accommodate such requests, but they will incur an additional charge. Samples may differ slightly from the actual stone but they are great guides in respect of colour and tone so you are urged to take advantage of this service.

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