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Your most frequently asked questions...


Can I visit you?
Yes, we have a very large warehouse in Kent. You can come and see all the materials we have in stock.

What are your office hours?
We are open between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday,
Why is your pricing so competitive?
We stock most of our own materials so we can control the costs. We negotiate good prices directly with the manufacturers and quarry owners.

Which methods of payment do you accept?
We also accept money transfers, cash and cheques. Please note: Cheques must clear before goods are dispatched.

Are you materials ethically sourced?
Yes, we adhere to strict international welfare regulations.

Do you care about the environment?
Yes, please see our Green Section. We care about the effects of our company on the environment and take a number of steps to reduce our impact.

Do you produce and fabricate special pieces?
Yes, we have a team of experienced stonemasons who produce all of our bespoke work and worktops. All of our worktops are bespoke and require us to use first grade materials, state of the art machinery and skilled craftsmen.

Do you supply kitchen sinks, taps and waste units?


How can I get a quote?
You can call and speak to one of our expert advisers who will guide you through the pricing and also advise you on your choice of material, you can also send us a drawing of your plan by fax or post and we can send you a quote.

How do I place an order?
Simply give us a phone call and we'll come to measure up. Or send your order by fax and we will respond immediately and contact you right back.

What if I want to cancel my order?
If your order is tiles form our stock there is no problem, you will receive a full refund. If your order has not been dispatched you will receive all your money back, if your order has already been sent out we will charge you for the delivery.

If your order is cut to size or special order we cannot refund it as all the piece will only suit your works.

Will there be any additional hidden costs?
No, we will charge exactly the price we calculated in your order. If there are any additional charges you will be informed these at the time of ordering.

Where can I get hold of samples?
Please call for your free samples and we will send them to you by first class post in boxes to avoid any damages, with some general information about our company.

Can I see the materials before buying them?
Yes, you can see the tiles and the slabs at our warehouse near Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent - All our materials are in stock so you can see the exact materials you are buying. Please contact the office to arrange a viewing.


How long till I get my order?
We will normally deliver in 2 working days or on the exact date that you specify. If you would like next day delivery there is a small extra charge.

Can I collect the tiles myself?
You may collect the tiles from our warehouse in Kent. Please be aware natural stone tiles are heavy and may damage your car.

Can I specify an delivery date?
Yes, all you need to do is tell us the date and time of day and we will arrange our delivery to suit.

Will the driver bring the tiles into my property?
No, our drivers are only insured to bring the tiles upto your property; it is then your responsibility to arrange for some labour to bring the tiles into your home..

Unless we are delivering special cut to size pieces, in this case we will quote for this and deliver with our own vehicules.

Do I need to be at home for the delivery?
Yes, there must be someone at home at the time of delivery to sign for the tiles. You must inspect the goods and sign the delivery note as 'damaged' if you see any broken tiles.

What do I do if I have broken tiles?
You must inform us immediately and sign the delivery note as 'damaged'. We then ask you to take some photographs of the damage and email them along with a brief description of the damage. We will then arrange to have the damaged tiles replaced.

What if I do not like the tiles?
If you are not happy with your tiles you may return them to us. We can arrange this but we will charge you for the collection. You will then be entitled to a credit note or you may exchange the goods, we do not offer refunds on orders that have been dispatched.

Installation of natural stone...

My tiles are slightly different shade to the sample I ordered. Why?
There may be some variation between samples we send out and materials we have in stock, but you are always welcome to come to our warehouse and select the exact material. Natural stone is always subject to slight variation from batch to batch, this is normal.

The tiles that arrived appear much darker than the tiles I ordered.
9 times out of 10 this is because the tiles are wet, and only appear darker. Natural stone tiles are produced in a wet environment using a lot of water. You will need to dry your tiles out before tiling to make sure they are the same colour.

My tiles have got small chips on the edges, why is that?
Some tiles natural stone tiles have little chips due to the packaging and movement during transit, this is normal and is accepted as the norm in the tile industry. Always inspect and shuffle your tiles prior to tiling to get the best results.

Should I do anything before tiling?
Yes, a thorough inspection is essential to check for scratches or markings and colour variations. The tiles should be set aside to dry prior to tiling to check for unsightly tiles and colour variation. If you have selected a large number of tiles you may want to mix them up to separate any batch variations. Once you have installed the tiles we can not accept any responsibility for damaged tiles or wrong tiles being fitted.

Do you offer a fitting service?
Yes, we have a team of fitters and stone masons, if you would like a quotation please contact a member of staff.

Do you install and fit vanity tops and bespoke pieces of stone?

Yes, we have a full installation service. We generally work within a 80 mile radius of London.

The Product...

What is the difference between honed and polished?
A honed tile has a matt surface fish and is only slightly reflective; a polished tile is highly reflective and very smooth.

How do I best care for my tiles?
Regular cleaning with gentle stone cleaners is recommended. For floors it is advisable to use a dry micro-fibre mop as often as possible. Sometimes cleaners and and water can cause tiles to go dull and lose their shine, do not over clean your floor..

Can I re-polish my floor tiles if they go dull?
Yes, specialist companies can polish a floor and make it look like new again.

My floor is dirty what can I do?
Normally a dirty floor only needs a vigorous clean to bring it back to life again. We supply high quality cleaning products that can remove most types of dirt and some staining.

Is marble suitable for kitchen floors?
Yes, however marble is prone to wear, and in areas where you have high traffic or wear leather soled footwear signs of dulling can be seen.

Are the tiles sealed?
No, most tiles are not sealed, if we are installing the tiles for you then we will ensure that all the tiles are sealed correctly.

Why should I seal my tiles?
Sealing protects the tiles from staining and water penetration. Sealing is not a magic cure only a preventative measure to help reduce markings and dis-colouration of the tiles. You need to seal all natural stone.

How often should I seal my tiles?
You should follow the directions laid out by the manufacturer but as a guide tiles need sealing every 3 to 5 years, more often if they are subjected to high traffic.

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