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Carrara Bianco 'C' Polished or Honed

The nicest grade of Carrara Marble with its white background and subtle grey veining.

Sale price from £ 65.99
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Crema Marfil Select Polished
This is a beautiful high quality Crema Marfil marble, it has an even background colour, available in a honed or polished finish.
price from £ 70.00
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Crema Marfil Select Honed
Beautiful classic marble from Spain, has a good uniform background shade, with very light veins which blend in with the cream background colour, available in a honed finish.
price from £ 63.00
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Silver Shadow Honed

Marble with light grey colouring, very subtle for today's contemporary life style 

Available as well in 20mm and 30mm for cut to size, Bath surround Vanity top etc.

price from £ 77.00
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Silver Shadow Polished

This marble has a cool grey appearance, a consistent background with tones of silver and grey, giving a fresh modern look for today's modern living.

price from £ 73.00
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Marron Emperador Dark
Premium polished brown marble with slight veining and great depth of colour, this stunning material has a dark background colour.
price from £ 66.00
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Negro Marquina

A polished black marble with great depth of colour and a vibrant white vein that occasionally runs through the material.

price from £ 75.00
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Crema Coto

Crema Coto

Beige Marble with subtle veins  

also available for cut to size 

Sale price from £ 42.00
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Belgravia Marble
An elegant  marble with a soft cream and beige palette accented by Strong veining.
Sale price from £ 55.50
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Gris Pulpis Polished

A beautiful brown marble with a polished finish.

price from £ 115.00
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Botticino Polished
This cream coloured Stone is a classic  marble
price from £ 54.00
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Emperador Light

A light brown marble with plenty of character.

Sale price from £ 51.00
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Arabascato Corchia

A very beautiful Italian marble, renowned throughout the world as a classic.

price from £ 165.00
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Calacata Viola
Fantastic white marble with Lilac 
price from £ 58.00
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Statuario Marble

Beautiful Italian Marble with white backgroundand striking grey veins

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price from £ 185.00
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Perlite Polished

This hard wearing cream coloured marble is very consistent in background tone, but comes alive when polished.

price from £ 12.00
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Ibiza Blanco

A beautiful white marble with a slightly grey tone running through the material.

price from £ 58.00
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Perlato Olympo Honed
A light cream coloured marble with beige undertone.
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Calacatta Oro Polished

One of the most beautiful Italian marbles.

price from £ 275.00
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Griggio Carnico
Grigio Carnico Italian Marble with a dark grey background and many patterns of white veins.
price from £ 97.00
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grey saint laurent

Beautifull Italian Grey marble.

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silk georgette Marble

Silver vein cut polished Marble.

price from £ 144.00
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Marmi Griggio
 Very hard Marble suitable for indoors and outdoor areas available honed or polished.
price from £ 85.00
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Azul Macaubas
Fantastic blue marble
price from £ 416.00
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Botticino Fiorito

Classic Italian Marble.

price from £ 65.00
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Grecale Brown Marble Polished

Grecale Brown, is a Canadian Limestoneavailable vein cut or cross cut

Available as well in 20mm for cut to size, Bath surround Vanity top Treads etc.

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Carrara Bianco 'CD'
The beautiful and classic carrara bianco with a subtle grey background and grey overtones.
price from £ 78.00
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Thassos AAA

Snow white Thassos from Greece, the whitest marble on earth.

price from £ 310.00
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Verde India Polished

A stunning dark green marble full of character, with deep tones highlighted by its polished finish.

price from £ 78.00
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Rojo Alicante

One of the classic materials, Rojo Alicate is a timeless marble that adds an air of prestige to any room.

price from £ 68.00
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Crema Valencia

A unique polished yellow marble full of life and very extravagant with slight red veining.

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Silver Wave

A truly outstanding dark grey marble with a pronounced silver wave like effect.

price from £ 185.00
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Grigio Orobico

Variation of Arabescato with grey background and swirling black veins, occasional gold and white veins.

price from £ 182.00
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